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From her first yoga class at the Esalen Institute in California, to the beginnings of her journey taking Bikram while living in Los Angeles, Amy has long devoted herself to the principals and postures of yoga. Amy strongly believes in the synchronicity of the universe and finds that our lives are all intertwined in one way or another. Through her empathetic nature, coupled with her compassion and innate pull towards helping others, Amy’s teachings have brought her to share the gift of yoga at a local Drug and Alcohol rehab. Through this work, offering another modality of healing on the road to recover, Amy co-founded a non-profit organization, Root to Rise, Inc.


Root to Rise is a registered nonprofit organization that provides free resources, services, and support to individuals recovering from addiction and other mental health issues. We believe that a combination of physical and mental diversion in the form of yoga, exercise, sport, and meditation can counteract addiction relapse. We also provide a strong, supportive community and foster personal development programs which are essential to maintaining sobriety. In addition, we deliver professional outreach programs for rehabilitation facilities, schools, and detention centers.

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