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Featured Talks with Special Guests

Facing Anxiety

This webinar features Tanya J. Peterson, author of 101 Ways to Stop Anxiety: Practical Exercises to Find Peace and Free Yourself from Fears

Tanya Peterson is credentialed as a National Certified Counselor, and she has both personal and professional experience with mental health care. Tanya J. Peterson is a prolific writer of books and articles that both inform and entertain.  For more information, please visit 

Get PreP to Prevent the Spread of HIV and AIDS

Be a Lifesaver: Become a Blood Donor

The Breast is Yet to Come: Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Child

Uterine Fibroids: A Growing Concern for Women

PROUD of Your Healthcare?... Understanding the Needs of the LGBTQIA Community

Are You A Worry Wart Over Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? What You Should Know with Dr. Thangamani Seenivasan

Weight Loss Surgery: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure with Dr. David Ward

National Blue & Green Day: Become An Organ Donor

Singing the Mommy Blues? with Dr. Leslie Becker-Phelps

Intestinal Fortitude: The Guts to Promote Colon Health with Dr. Alan Gingold

How To Be a Patient with San Goldberg

A Talk with Joe Revello

National Wear Red Day: Women & Coronary Disease: Your Best Interest at Heart

Interview with Alexa Chronister, Founder of Fight Like a Warrior

The Pap Test: Smearing Myths on Cervical Cancer with Dr. Mihae Song

Discussing ecoRenaissance with Marci Zaroff

The Concussion Repair Manual with Dr. Dan Engle

Love You: 12 Ways to Be Who You Love & Love Who You Are with Dr. Nieves

Grant Yourself Immunity: Enhance the Immune System to Ward Off Illness

Believe to Achieve with Howard White

Discussing The Diabetes Code with Dr. Fung

Incite Happiness with Lama Marut

A Conversation on Wellness with Marion Ross

Happiness is Here with Susanna Halonen and Moderated by Suzan Colon

No Barriers: A Blind Man's Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon with Eric Weihenmayer & Buddy Levy

ConBody: The Bodyweight Prison Bootcamp with an Inspiring Story of Hope

Nutrition for Cardiovascular Health: A Talk with RWJ Somerset and Dr. Laura Galinat

Living It Up with Lynette: Laura Olson

Bulletproofing the Psyche: A Discussion with Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas

I Wanna Be Well: Miguel Chen - Bassist for Teenage Bottlerocket, Discusses His New Book!

A Discussion on Lyme Disease with Dr. Horowitz

A Talk on Weight Loss with Dr. Glasnapp and Robert Wood Johnson Somerset

Yoga for Recovery: Part One

Yoga instructor Amy Budinich leads a class for all levels focusing on self improvement

Breathing Towards a Healthy Heart with Dee Duncan

Dee Duncan discusses the importance of controlling one's breathing and using it as a tool in everyday life.

The Better Brain Solution

Lynette Whiteman interviews bestselling author Dr. Steven Masley

Talking about Confidence with Make Up Artist Bobbi Brown

Talking with Reiki Master, Swati Desai from Mumbai, India

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Bobbi Brown
Swati Desai
Yoga for Recovery
Breathing withDee
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