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MTB Workouts: With and Without Equipment Mountain Bike Fitness Training | Core Building Exercises

FROM UC HEALTH: Building a strong core should be at the base of your mountain bike fitness training program. Your core is the center of both strength and stability on your ride and it is the connection point between your body's three contact points with your bicycle. Doing the following workout designed by Dr. Jonathan Bravman for just ten minutes per day will help optimize your strength and help you get ready to hit the trail. Learn more about UCHealth Orthopedics - Anschutz:


Bridging @ 15-20 reps with variations (double leg with chest press, single leg)

Temper Tantrums @ 20 seconds

Prone Breastroke @ 15-20 reps

Planks @ 15-20 reps of these variations:

static holds for :30-1:00, high plank spiders, high plank mountain climbers, scapular protraction and retraction and high planks with rows

Side Planks @ 15-20 reps of these variations: static holds for :30-1:00 with hip abduction, the star and thread the needle Pilates 100 @ 10 reps with five pulses on inhale and five pulses on exhale Russian Twist @ 10-15 reps

If training on a spin bike, use a theraband to maximize your time Keep up these exercises to keep you going all season long. Get more Mountain Biking Tips by subscribing to the UCHealth YouTube channel:

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