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Session Two


Spiritual and religious beliefs can either help or hinder trauma survivors in their attempts to create a healthy understanding of traumatic events, and ultimately make meaning from the events. If trauma survivors believe that their Higher Power failed them, these beliefs could result in anger and disconnection from spiritual or religious support. Some experts say that “Unless we start considering the spiritual fitness of our servicemen, 15 years from now the suicide rate will still be 20 each day.” The videos and resources here are intended to help you explore how meaning develops during exposure to traumatic and loss events, and how religion and spirituality can provide a framework that may aid the development of meaning.

Immediately below are videos.  If you scroll down further, there is a list of resources provided for you to explore.  Inclusion of any video or resource does not mean endorsement by Friends' Health Connection.  Each resource should be vetted properly to make sure it's a fit for you.

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