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May 14

My doctor prescribed me Zyrtec generic for hay fever?


I have constant hay fever and i don't want to get itchy eyes, runny nose, for the rest of my life. I know some medicines take a while before they start to work. Does anyone know how long it will take the Zyrtec Generic ( http://www.samrx.com/buy-generic-zyrtec.aspx ) to actually help me?

May 20

Zyrtec take 30 minutes to 1 hour to show it result and many doctors suggest zyrtec medicine for antihistamine problems.

Sep 10


Why don't you try some natural remedies instead of taking meds. Every time that would be better to deal with such problems without any side effects.


Hay fever is generally worsen when the pollen count is highest. There is no such instant cure and prevention to get rid of hay fever. But some things you can try that will ease symptoms with highest pollen count.


Use Vaseline around nostrils

Wear sunglasses to stop pollen

Stay at home as possible

Always shut doors and windows as possible

Take shower and change clothes every time after you have been outside

Vacuum regularly

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  • georgewhittington525
    Nov 1

    So I get seasonal allergies, and right around this time of the year they hit me very worst. Horrible throat ache, tired, itchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, etc. I'm starting to get little bumps on the back of my tongue. are these due to my allergies? Also which allergy medication is most helpful for this type of allergies?
  • sylviabrantley
    Oct 12

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    Nov 6

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