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Session Four

Financial Health

Financial issues rank among the most stressful lifestyle concerns for veterans and their families.

Military veterans who report having relatively minor financial problems, such as bouncing a check or going over their credit limit, are four times more likely to become homeless within the next year than veterans without such problems

  • 17% of veterans report it took them over a year to find a job.

  • 49% have less than $5,000 in savings

  • 55% of military spouses identify as “underemployed”


The info below is intended to help you find support and resources to assist.

Immediately below are videos.  If you scroll down further, there is a list of resources provided for you to explore.  Inclusion of any video or resource does not mean endorsement by Friends' Health Connection.  Each resource should be vetted properly by you to make sure the information is accurate and that it's a fit for you.

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